4. Theme and Time Your Content

We've found success when we lay out our content in advance and time it with seasonal events or holidays. For example, with a current client we did a series of posts leading up to Christmas with a "12 days of Christmas" theme.   Not only are the posts fun, but we see the level of fan engagement increase around ongoing posts or series. The key though is to do these sparingly and around important events.

5. Know Where Your Audience Stands

What I love most about social media is that the basic rules of life apply. For example, if you were to host a dinner party and one of your guests was a vegetarian, you'd be rude to not offer a vegetarian option. The same rule applies here. If you are dealing with a politically charged group of people, certain statements aren't going to be accepted. This is not to say that a little debate isn't healthy, but when creating content, it's vital to know where your audience stands and appeal to their common values.