Adding “Attack by President” to Crisis Preparedness

March 8, 2017

How to Survive a Political Tweet Storm

Thanks to all who tuned in to my Webinar, “How Your Brand Can Weather A Political ‘Tweet Storm.’” If you missed it, the program is available here through WebEx. I was impressed by the fact that registered participants exceeded capacity—an indicator of the high level of interest in this topic.

Another indicator is an article that appeared this week in The Wall Street Journal entitled, “‘Attack by President’ Is Big Business for PR Agencies.” 

The article reinforced a point that I made in the Webinar: “As more of these fast-moving scenarios play out in public and executives fear a 140-character tweet will send their stock price tumbling, more companies are paying up to be prepared for the worst.” 

As I mentioned in my presentation, our country is so divided right now that for most companies, there is little to be gained by jumping into the political fray. But companies will want to be prepared. Nordstrom’s, Boeing, Starbucks, Carrier, and The New York Times found out the hard way.

To learn more about The Trump and Dump Bot discussed during the webinar, visit the T3 website.

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