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Remember the movie “Minority Report” with Tom Cruise as part of a futuristic police unit that arrests criminals before they commit their crimes?  Well, it’s not 2054 yet, but CEOs are starting to expect that ability to see into the future from their communications advisors – to anticipate actions that have the potential to cause a corporate crisis.

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Web Trends

Mary Meeker has once again released her annual Internet Trends Report. Here’s what it means for you.

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PulsePoint Group partner Jeff Hunt collaborates with ICF International Senior Vice President Samuel Visner on an ICF International white paper

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Althought virality has been a buzzword for some time, the term rose to prominence so quickly that, although you might recognize it as a word, my spellchecker does not. 

However, just in case you don’t recognize it, here’s Google’s definition:

Virality: The tendency of an image, video, or piece of information to be circulated rapidly and widely from one Internet user to another; the quality or fact of being viral.

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